How to add an interpreter

It's simple to add someone who can interpret on behalf of your patient

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Adding an interpreter can make both you and your patient more confident in the visit. Using an interpreter with can be done quite easily leveraging our Group Call functionality available on all paid subscriptions.

Using Voyce Live Interpretive Services

We have partnered with Voyce to offer live interpretive video services on demand within, including ASL. See how to enable and leverage Voyce in your practice.

Using Your Own Interpreter

If you have a different interpreter, they can join the call in the same way as a patient, using the Group Call feature:

  1. Send your provider room link to the patient and interpreter in advance of the call

  2. Patient checks into your Waiting Room

  3. Interpreter checks into your Waiting Room

  4. You start a Group Call that includes both patient and interpreter

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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