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Therapy tools: sending assessments and reviewing the results
Therapy tools: sending assessments and reviewing the results
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Integrating with allows providers to send assessments, practice therapeutic exercises during sessions, and schedule automatic reminders for tasks to be completed at a later time.

Sending assessments revolutionizes the assessment process with its extensive library of free public domain assessments. Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, enables you to effortlessly send assessments to your clients via text or email. Through an intuitive conversational chatbot, clients can conveniently complete the assessments at their own pace. Once finished, the assessments are automatically scored, and you can easily access and review the comprehensive results in detail from your dashboard. This powerful feature simplifies the assessment process, saving you time while providing valuable insights for client evaluation and treatment planning. To send out an assessment, follow these steps:

  1. With therapy tools opened, select a client

  2. Choose Assessments from the left sidebar

  3. Select the assessment you want to send

  4. Preview the assessment. Once you're done with the preview, select Next

  5. Choose the day and time you'd like for the assessment to go out by clicking on the underlined text

    1. You can only schedule 7 days in advance

  6. Confirm your patient's name

  7. Select the mode of communication you'd like to use - either text or email by clicking the underlined text

  8. Select Confirm and the assessment will be sent to your client at the set day and time

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Reviewing assessment results

Upon completion of the assessment by your client, takes care of scoring the results and seamlessly transfers them to your personalized dashboard. Visualize the progress over time with informative graphs that provide a clear representation of your client's journey. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can delve into the detailed views of each assessment, allowing you to explore individual answers and gain valuable insights. empowers you with a comprehensive and visual overview, ensuring you stay informed and equipped to make data-driven decisions for your clients' well-being. To view assessment results, follow these steps:

  1. Open therapy tools and navigate to the client you wish to monitor

  2. On the left sidebar, click on the Review option

  3. In the center section, you will find three tabs. Choose the Assessments tab

  4. To visualize the results on the graph, apply filters based on the desired timeline and specific assessment

  5. Beneath the graph, you will find detailed results for each assessment completed. Expand a specific assessment by selecting the + button to view individual answers.

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