Dokbot assessments use conversations to gather healthcare data directly from patients seamlessly with no app download and no password. (What is Dokbot?)

Viewing Assessment Results in the Dokbot Portal

Viewing assessment results in dokbot requires an account. (Dokbot: Signing Up for Dokbot)

To View Assessments

  1. Log in via the portal

  2. Click on Client Assessments in the sidebar

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Assessment Status

The Status of each assigned assessment can be found on the Client Assessments screen.

  • Pending - The patient has not yet activated the assessment.

  • Activated - The patient has activated, but not yet completed the assessment

  • Done - The patient has completed the assessment and results are ready for your review

Viewing Assessment Results

  1. Click on the bar graph button of assessments with a "Done" status to view the results

  2. Results will open to the right of the assessment list

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Download Assessment Results

You can download a PDF copy of the assessment results by clicking the download arrow at the top of the Assessment Details

What's Next?

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