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Enable screen share in Safari
Enable screen share in Safari

How to enable screen sharing in your Safari settings

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Enabling Screen Sharing in Safari for the First Time

NOTE: It is not possible to screen share from mobile devices like a phone or a tablet at this time.

How to Enable Screen Sharing

  1. While in a call, click on Screenshare in the left-side menu

  2. Click Allow when prompted by Safari

Image showing the Safari prompt to allow to observe your screen

Re-enabling Screen Sharing if Permissions Were Previously Denied

If you are getting an error message that tells you "Screen sharing is blocked by your browser," it may be because you previously selected Never for This Website when asked to allow to observe your screen. If so, you can easily change this setting.

How to Re-enable Screen Sharing

  1. Open Safari Preferences using the keyboard shortcut ( + , ) or via the menu toolbar

    Image showing how to navigate to Safari Preferences in the menu toolbar
  2. Click on Websites

  3. Click on Screen sharing

  4. For, change the setting from Deny to Ask

  5. The next time you try to share your screen on, Safari will prompt you for permission like it's your first time. When it does this, be sure to select Allow.

GIF showing how to change the screen sharing setting for

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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