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How to add the Limnu Whiteboard to your doxy.me account

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Follow these four quick steps in order to enable Whiteboard for your account. (Estimated time: Less than a minute.)

NOTE: If your organization has a Clinic or Enterprise account with doxy.me, the owner or admin of your doxy.me account will need to complete these four steps in order to add the Whiteboard to the clinic account. It will then be available to everyone who uses doxy.me within your organization.

Step 1: Click on Telehealth Tools link in the doxy.me sidebar

Step 2: Click on Whiteboard tool

Step 3: Click Add to doxy.me button

Step 4: Review and accept Terms and Conditions

That's it! You're all set. Remember, the Whiteboard link will only appear in the sidebar when you are on a call with a patient.

If at anytime you wish to remove Whiteboard from your account, just return to the Telehealth Tools page, click on Whiteboard, and select Remove.

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