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How to automatically check-in your patient to your call

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Auto Check-In

To improve accessibility, or to reduce redundancy between systems so that patients aren't required to type in their name upon check-in after they have left a system where they have already been identified (for example, a patient portal to, you may find it useful to automatically check in a patient. Adding this feature to the end of your invite link lets the patient check in with one click.

To enable this capability, add these two attributes to the end of your waiting room link:


  • Instead of patientName in the URL, you’ll put the patient's name.

  • You can add %20 in between the first and last name to make a space. Adding an actual space to the URL will not work.

  • You can combine Auto Check-In and Patient Identifier by adding &pid=123456 to the end of the above example.

The final result will look similar this:

When a patient clicks on this link, they will immediately appear in the provider's patient queue, without the need to enter their name manually.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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