Launch EHR

If you have a web-based EHR application, you can get beta access to launch the patient's profile. There are two main components to make this work:

  1. You need to request beta access for emrUrl to be turned on.

  2. Each link sent to patients needs to have the patient identifier (PID) included. You need a system that can pair the provider's room link to the patient's PID and send that link to the patient.

Once we give you beta access, we need your EHRs web link. This would be something like The next part would be setting up the PID. Each patient should have a unique identifier to their EHR profile. It would be like “A58gR84S”

For the next part to work a scheduler can help create the invites with the PID. You just have to pair the provider's room link with the PID.

For example:

When the patient checks in, you will see the EHR button. This button will combine the EHR web link you gave us with the PID the patient checked in with and will launch their profile.

The meeting history API can export the history with the PID and see when that specific patient had sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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