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For patients: prepare for your appointment
For patients: prepare for your appointment

Feel comfortable and prepared for your telehealth visit

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Whether it's your first telehealth appointment or your 100th, it is always helpful to be prepared. Here are ten ways to make the most of your visit with your provider.

1. Check your Telehealth Insurance coverage.

  • For Private Insurance, contact your insurance provider

2. Complete your paperwork ahead of time (forms and consents from your Provider)

3. Make a list of:

  • Questions for your provider

  • Current medications and supplements you are taking

  • Symptoms you have been experiencing

4. Find a private location for your call if possible

  • Limit distractions

  • Find a quiet space

  • Adjust lighting

5. Set up your device ahead of time

  • Be sure your device is charged

  • Check your microphone and camera are working

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection

  • For technical support see our For Patients: Technical Guide

6. Check in to our "practice" room so you can see how easy it is.

7. When it's time for your actual appointment, be sure to check in a few minutes early

8. Know who to contact for assistance:

Contact your provider for...

Contact for...

Appointment Times & Scheduling Questions

Medical Questions

Prescription Refills and Medication Questions

To send or receive Medical Records and Photos

For more tips and FAQ's, feel free to visit the Help Center: For Patients

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