The analytics page shows data about your account use. This data is information about calls each provider has made (even if they’re on a Clinic plan). The analytics page can be accessed by any user from the left side panel when they’re signed in to their account.

Left side menu highlighting Analytics feature

It includes three parts:

  • Month to date information. This is the information about current month usage, where you can see total sessions that provider had this month, session minutes, and average session time. You can use Filter, located within the Month name on the top of the page, to view information for a specific period of time.

  • Past year graph. The number of sessions and minutes monthly, for the past year. The current month is highlighted differently and data in this column can change according to use.

  • Usage highlights. The account total information - average sessions per month, this month sessions and minutes, total and most sessions, or minutes in a month. Most minutes/sessions in a month includes data about the month when numbers were the highest.

There's a link to a feedback form on the bottom of the analytics page. We’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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