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Create a free account or login to get started

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The first step is to create a free account or login if you already have one.

To Upgrade to Clinic:

  1. Click Upgrade on the Left Sidebar.

  2. Click Upgrade to Clinic. (Or if you'd like personalized support, click Talk with support.)

  3. Select the number of people in your organization that will be seeing patients using a doxy.me account.

  4. Choose annual or monthly billing cycle.

  5. Enter your credit card information.

  6. Click Confirm Payment.

  7. Enter your clinic name.

  8. Enter the subdomain you would like. (This can be changed later if need be.)

  9. Click Go to Clinic Dashboard.

Next Steps:

To get your account branded, check for an email from onboarding@doxy.me. Reply to that email with your logos, colors and landing page image.

You can start inviting users to the account. By default every Clinic comes with an extra free seat you can use for admins, support staff or providers. If a provider has a Professional subscription they can still be invited to the Clinic. They just need to login at the new subdomain and cancel their Professional subscription.

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