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Camera and microphone permission: Firefox

How to allow access or reset permissions when using the Firefox browser

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When using a Desktop or Laptop

How to allow camera and microphone in the browser

  1. Select the lock icon located on the right side of your search bar.

  2. Click both Xs to Clear this permission and ask again

  3. Refresh the browser tab. 

4. When prompted, ensure you're using the correct camera and microphone inputs, and select Allow

If your camera still won't turn on in Firefox

  1. Select the menu icon in the upper right corner.

2. Go to Settings.
3. Scroll down to Privacy & Security.
4. In your Camera & Microphone settings, ensure that is set to Allow.
5. Restart Firefox. 

How to Reset Firefox Permissions for Cam and Mic

  1. Open the menu and go to Settings.

2. Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

3. Go to Cookies & Site Data.
4. Select Clear Data.
5. Return to your Dashboard or the waiting room and refresh the page.
6. You'll be asked to allow access to your camera and microphone. Be sure to select Allow.

Mobile Device Instructions

When you initially enter a waiting room or log in to your Dashboard, you will be prompted to enable your camera and mic for use during a call. Please be sure to select Allow.

How to reset permissions to a blocked camera or mic on mobile in the browser

  1. Tap the dots in the upper right corner.

  2. Open Settings.

3. Go to Settings, and open Clear private data.

4. Select Site settings and CLEAR DATA.

5. Refresh the tab before checking in again.

Once you log in or re-enter the waiting room, be sure to select Allow when prompted to enable the camera and microphone.

How to ensure the proper app-level permissions are given on Firefox mobile

  1. Open your device's Settings app.

  2. Go to Apps & App permissions.

3. Select Firefox from your list of installed apps.
4. Open Permissions and ensure your camera and microphone are toggled on.

5. Restart your Firefox app before logging in or re-entering the waiting room.

Allow Access for Other Browsers

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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