The Payments feature lets you accept credit card payments while on a call. Once you link up your Stripe account, session payments and copay's become way easier*. You can use Payments on Professional and Clinic Plans

To link up Stripe account

  1. From your Dashboard click "Account Settings" 
  2. Click "Extensions" 
  3. Click "Expand" under Payments 
  4. Click "Connect with Stripe"
  5. Fill out the account details 
  6. Click "Authorize access to this account"

To receive a Payment

  1. While on a call, click "Payment" on the left panel 
  2. Enter the amount and click "Charge"
  3. Patient enters CC details and accepts the charge 

*Older iPhones don't support payments
You can take payments on mobile devices if your patient is using Chrome or Safari. Older iOS devices 2010 and prior will need to download the app and will not be able to provide payment. 

Future payments
After the first payment is processed the a patient's credit card information will be saved in Stripe for future payments. Log into your Stripe account to create a charge. You can add their email for Stripe to send receipts.

Stripe fees
Stripe is 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction and once you have the patients credit card info from 1 payment you can go into your stripe dashboard and charge them for additional visits without the patient needing to enter their CC again.

Currently we only support charging in one currency at a time and the default is USD. We can update your account to charge in your local currency. Email for more information.

Payments only on calls
Currently you can only accept payments while on a call. Our development team will be working on am update to accept payments through the chat in 2019. With the Clinic plan you can match clinic workflow. You can give access to a staff member to start a call, process a payment and then send them back to the Waiting Room for you to pick up. Contact for help setting this up. 

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