Unfreeze frozen video

How to Unfreeze a Frozen Camera Feed

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Quick Fixes

Toggle Camera

Look for the change camera symbol (Click here for how to) in your camera preview. Press multiple times if needed.

Try a Different Web Browser

If you find one web browser is being problematic, you can use a different supported browser. Doxy.me supports Google Chrome(preferred), Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Doxy.me recommends having multiple browsers installed on your computer in case of an emergency.

Important Tips:

Use camera in one application at a time... including doxy.me

Close all other telecommunication services that use your camera (have doxy.me open in one place), then refresh your page to restore video

Don't leave doxy.me (Phones and Tablets Only)

For phone and tablets, the camera is sensitive to freezing when doxy.me is not being used. Viewing other pages, notifications, etc. will typically cause video to freeze.

If the camera is frozen after leaving the page, refresh page and try again.

Update Your Web Browser

Restart Device

Sometimes a frozen screen is a symptom of an outdated or broken driver. The easiest way to potentially resolve a broken driver is to update and restart your device.

If you are using multiple telecommunications services on your device, restarting your device to resolve frozen camera is highly recommended.

Cameras drivers (especially Windows devices ) can break at a moments notice.

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