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IMPORTANT: Clearing a website cache will not remove saved passwords however you will be signed out of any website cache that you clear.

When you are using Google Chrome, clearing your cache and cookies can easily resolve a majority of technical issues experienced by patients and providers. Clearing your cache and cookies for all websites will often optimize your device making it faster with fewer slow-downs.

Clearing Cache and Cookies: Doxy.me Only

  1. Find the padlock symbol (outlined below) on the top left of the browser.

  2. Go to "Site Settings".

  3. Click "Clear data" and confirm by clicking "Clear.

  4. Close and reopen Chrome

Clearing Cache and Cookies: All Websites

Clearing cache and cookies for all websites can help optimize your browser when you find the browser is operating slower than expected.

Click Here to go to Chrome's help website for the most up to date instructions.

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