At, our belief is that everyone should have access to telemedicine regardless of location. We want to make it easy for providers to connect with their patients over a secure video session anywhere, even with just a smart-device and WiFi connection. We're committed to site accessibility for those with disabilities, and we are always taking steps to improve the experience.

To enable auto check-in:

Considering your patients' needs, we've added an easy way for providers to enable automatic patient check-in. This is especially good for clients who have frequent appointments. Automatic check-ins eliminate the need for your patient to enter their name every time.

Add these two attributes to the end of your waiting room link: 


Final result will look similar this:

Add space between first and last name:


Our current roadmap for accessibility 

  • Improve patient check-in to be easier for screen-reader navigation. 

  • Implement better support for screen-reading software.

  • Continue expanding language support

Roadmap updates

  • Patient check-in process is now smoother for patients with disabilities to navigate and understand current position on page with audible indications via screen-reader support. 

  • Fixed some components and buttons on the dashboard and in the check-in process that had previously not been tab-focusable.

This article will be updated as we move forward and make further updates to improve accessibility.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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