How to switch your camera input from the Dashboard: 

  1. In the preview window, click the three dots
  2. Select Switch camera

If you're on a mobile device, this will switch between the back and front facing camera's. If on a desktop or laptop, this will switch between your integrated camera and your webcam (if one is plugged in) 

How to select specific inputs: 

  1. Click Device settings

How to switch your camera input while on a call: 

  1. Click the Settings gear icon

With Call settings open you have multiple options: 

  • Adjust Video Quality (dependent on network capability)
  • Switch your Camera 
  • Sync video (if video & audio quality start to deteriorate) 
  • Change Microphone input (how your participant is able to hear you)
  • Update Speakers input (how you're able to hear your participant) 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.  

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