Screenshare is an easy for your patients to show you something.

  • Only works on Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Google Chrome requires a plugin
  • Must be on a desktop or laptop (screen share is not supported from a mobile device)

Screenshare on Chrome:

  1. Make sure patient has Chrome plugin
  2. Have patient restart Chrome
  3. Select "Screenshare" on the left panel 
  4. Choose "Request patient's screen" 
  5. Patient chooses screen to share 
  6. Patient clicks "Share" 
  7. To end, patient clicks "Stop Sharing" at the bottom  

Screenshare on Firefox:

  1. Click "Screenshare" on the left panel 
  2. Choose "Request patient's screen" 
  3. Patient clicks "Share my screen" 
  4. Patient chooses screen to share 
  5. Patient clicks "Allow" 
  6. To end, patient presses the blinking red squares 
  7. Press the "X" next to "Share the Screen"  

Note: Screenshare is only available to Professional or Clinic users.

If you need help with Screenshare, contact our support team

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