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Promote your practice: website graphics
Promote your practice: website graphics

Informative telehealth graphics for your professional website

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Use the graphics below on your website to show that:

You offer convenience

The majority of patients are seeking providers who offer the option of telehealth

You practice with a safe, HIPAA compliant platform

Many video platforms used are not HIPAA secure

You care what your patients want and need

Reviews are a driving force for patient choice

You offer simple accessibility

Computer, tablet, and mobile devices just need an internet connection

You want to connect to your patients

The better the call, the more authentic the connection, resulting in better patient engagement.

All you need to do to use an image below is:

  1. Right click the image you want

  2. Save it to your computer

  3. Upload the file to your professional website

Don't forget to add a Website Badge that allows patients to check into your waiting room directly from your website!


HIPAA Secure


Simple access

Better connection

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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