allows you to easily change the resolution of your video quality while you are on a call. HD video resolution offers better picture quality but requires a stronger internet connection. You can change the video resolution on Professional and Clinic Plans

To change the video resolution

  1. Start a video call 
  2. Controls show up at the bottom 
  3. Choose between LD, SD and HD on the left icon 

Free Video Quality 

By default everyone on our Free plans have Low Definition (LD) set. This allows you to optimize the amount of people you'll be able to have a stable call with. By using a lower resolution you'll save both bandwidth and CPU utilization that can have a negative impact on your calls. 

Premium Plan Quality

If you are on a Professional or Clinic Plan you'll have access to both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) quality. You can change the video quality that the call starts with.

Set default video quality 

  1. From your Dashboard click "Account Settings" 
  2. Click "Expand" under Room Settings 
  3. Choose video quality under "Default video quality"
  4. Click "Update" to save 

Technical Details

HD = 1080 X 720
SD = 640 X 480
LD = 320 X  240

It's important to remember the biggest factor in video quality is available bandwidth and CPU processing power. If you set the quality to be HD but are on a slow bandwidth you might not actually get HD. Same if you set to HD but your computer's video camera doesn't support the 1080 resolution. 

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