See a list of Medicare telehealth reimbursement codes:

Two new HCPCS codes, G2010 and G2012, have been created for the calendar year 2019 to pay providers who use communication technology to evaluate and manage patient care.  Three new CPT codes, 99453, 99454, and 99457 have been created to address the need to reimburse providers who utilize remote monitoring tools with their patients. 

Commercial Insurance Coverage
Contact each provider you work with, tell them you are practicing telemedicine and ask for their CPT codes. 

Billing/reimbursement for telemedicine visits is specific to state laws at the moment.

Do you recommend any websites about reimbursement?
Search for telemedicine reimbursement updates by a specific state via the Center for Connected Health Policy . 

You can search for reimbursement updates at American Telemedicine Association.  

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