When to Use

  • Medical device audio is designed to allow Providers to use connected medical devices (such as digital stethoscopes) that require greater audio sensitivity with doxy.me video

  • This audio mode should not be used if the Patient is not actively using a connected medical device requiring greater audio sensitivity

How to Enable

  • On the patient side, change the Microphone input to be the connected medical device serving as audio input via the call settings menu

  • On the provider side, change the Audio type from Standard to Medical device via the call settings menu

Things to Know When Using Medical Device Audio

  • Both the patient and provider will have a better experience using headphones with medical device audio instead of speakers

  • Changing the audio type will change both the patient's and provider's sides of the call

  • From a technical perspective, enabling medical device audio disables noise suppression and increases the audio bitrate of the call, enabling you to hear softer sounds

  • Medical device audio will work with patients using any desktop, laptop, or Android mobile device, but the provider cannot enable it from a mobile device. Medical device audio is not currently adapted to iOS mobile devices.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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