Sometimes a provider will begin an appointment by processing the patient via, then carry out the consultation in person, before concluding it by returning to Here is a step-by-step guide on how this can be achieved:

  1. Patient checks into provider's waiting room.

  2. Provider (or possibly clinic staff member) performs preliminaries with patient.

  3. Patient enters provider's office, consultation ensues; patient remains checked into provider's waiting room on mobile device.

  4. Patient leaves office, conducts processing (such as scheduling new appointment) via new call.

This process could be useful, for example, to pediatricians who wish to interact with parents at the beginning and end of the call, while meeting with the patient for a consultation.

Clinic accounts also have the option of having staff (such as a receptionist or nurse) conduct preliminaries virtually on behalf of the provider, before an in-person consultation between provider and patient. See some of the other helpful workflows available to clinics.

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