Using in Finnish käyttö suomeksi

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You can use in Finnish.

Patient view in Finnish

If a Finnish-speaking patient checks into, it will automatically appear in Finnish if the browser's default language is set to Finnish.

You can force patient to see Finnish by appending ?l=fi to the end of your room link.

A patient flyer is available in Finnish to share with your patients.

Right-click the image above to download this flyer as a JPEG. Or you can download as PDF.

Add a Finnish interpreter to a call

Professional, Clinic and Enterprise customers can request access to Voyce interpreter service, which has English <-> Finnish translators who can join a call to translate.

If you already employ a translator through your practice you can add them to a call the same way you would invite a patient by giving them the room link.

Provider dashboard in Finnish

The dashboard and provider view will automatically appear in Finnish if the default browser language is set to Finnish.

Support in Finnish offers real-time chat support in Finnish. You can click the "Help" icon in the bottom righthand corner to reach out to our support team in Finnish.

Translation errors

If you identify a Finnish translation error or improvement, please send proposed improvements to

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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