To help us figure out the problem and help you fix it, run the following diagnostic tests:

  • Use doxybot precall test to make sure your speakers and camera are all setup and working. 
  • Estimate call quality to predict your expected call quality based on you computer and internet speeds. If you a receiving high scores, then the quality issue is likely  your patient's end. Ask them to run the same test. 
  • Internet speed test to determine your connection speed. Both you and your participant need 500kb/s download and upload speeds to have a good call. 
  • Network stability test to determine the stability of your network. If you get "Network Appears Unstable", then your router or internet service provider (e.g. Comcast) is mostly likely the cause of your quality issues.

If a test failed, send a screenshot of results to our support team to help you figure out the next steps. These tests will take a few minutes to run.

Video quality is NOT impacted by other users on at the same time. It is more likely that others on your Wifi and neighborhood stuck at home are watching Netflix and YouTube burdening your internet service provider (ISP) with traffic. As more people use the internet, it slows down speed for everyone

ISP are known to throttle traffic during high congestion times. Netflix and YouTube have reduced their video quality to help reduce internet congestion. If you suspect your ISP is throttling your traffic, contact you internet service provider and ask them to not throttle traffic to because your are using it to provide a healthcare service. 


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