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Additional support: resources for your software and hardware
Additional support: resources for your software and hardware

List of specific support websites for your computer laptop or mobile device

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Do you have any of the following hardware or software? uses your camera and microphone according to the permissions granted to it (and your web browser). In many cases may not function because of a setting or malfunction in your hardware or software.

In case you have specific support questions about your computer, laptop, webcam or microphone, its best to contact the respective manufacturer.

Security/Firewall Software:

McAfee: (see additional support article here)

Norton: (see additional support article here)

Built-in Cameras/Microphones for Desktops and Laptops:

For any components built inside of your device.

Apple (iPhone/iPad/macOS):

Microsoft Support (Windows 10/11/devices):

RealTek (audio/video driver manufacturer):

External Cameras:

For cameras that are physically plugged into your computer or laptop.

External Microphone:

For microphones that are physically plugged in or synced via bluetooth.

Web Browsers:

See something that isn't listed? Contact our support team!

If you need support for a device that is not listed, do an internet search (ie including the brand, hardware name and word "Support" or "Contact" (example: Magic Camera Support).

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