We have gathered several ideas from Doxy.me users on how they market their practice and what has worked for them:

  1. Provide materials on the telehealth services you provide in your informed consent packet. 
  2. Send out an email to all of your patients, colleagues, friends, & family- announce your telemedicine launch.  
  3. Send out mailers to your clients. "I sent mailers to 350 current and former clients alerting them to the fact that I am available online. It was very successful." -Tim J.
  4. Provide brochures in your waiting room or hang up flyers around your office. Inform patients of your telemedicine option.
  5. Utilize your social media accounts to highlight services you provide using Telemedicine. We've seen users utilize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and more to market that they provide Telemedicine.  
  6. Providers tell us they get great ROI from targeted facebook ads to their facebook business pages.
  7. Add your name to a database. (Yelp, Goodtherapy.org, healthgrades.com) Encourage patients to leave reviews. 
  8. Create a website. Boost your SEO! Patients look for providers online now. 
  9. Consider writing a personal piece on your practice and services in Psychology Today or magazine relevant to your field. One of our users, Chris Nealy, LCSW, writes a blog and was recently published in Autism Parenting Magazine
  10. Write an article about the benefits of Telemedicine for your local newspaper or news station. Submit it to the Editor. 
  11. Submit yourself for awards. Pennington Cancer Center was awarded the Cancer Care Innovation Award. They were then featured in various local news segments. 
  12. Connect with your local referral sources, primary care providers, school counselors, and clergy in your community, often clients will seek out these resources before they make it to your office.

We hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please contact our support team

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