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The integration between and Epic enhances the workflow for both providers and patients and greatly improves the telehealth experience.

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Patients can now join their telehealth visit via their MyChart portal. When viewing the details of their upcoming appointment, they can click Join Video Visit to launch in a separate web browser. Clicking Join Meeting will check the patient into the Waiting Room.

Patients can also join a video session directly from their device without logging into their MyChart portal. An invitation or appointment reminder can be sent from Epic via email or text message. Clicking on the link from the message they receive will launch in a web browser and will check the patient into the Waiting Room automatically.


Within Hyperspace, providers will navigate to the patient's chart at the time of the appointment. A green camera icon will appear in the chart to notify the provider that the patient has checked into the Waiting Room. A notification can also be enabled to alert the provider that the patient is in the Waiting Room. The provider will click the Launch button, which will open in a separate web browser. From there, the provider will click Start Call to initiate the video session.

Ad-hoc Video Visits

Providers can initiate ad-hoc (unscheduled) telehealth visits with their patients from Epic Hyperspace. From the patient's chart, the provider will click Ad-hoc Meeting. They will be prompted to send an invite to the patient via text or email. Once they have sent the invitation to the patient, they can join the telehealth visit from Hyperspace as described above.

Telehealth Reporting

The visit history will be documented in the patient's chart in Epic. Data such as Start Call, End Call, Call Duration, Provider Name, and Patient Identifier will be available to view in the patient's chart. Additionally, the patient's record will be associated with the visit.

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