The Reminders feature (currently in beta only) allows providers to schedule appointments and to send general reminders. For example, a reminder to take medication or a reminder to complete a task after the appointment can be sent.

Reminders can be sent directly to a patient via a text message or an email address. This feature is active only after the patient logs into the waiting room or is on a live call. The reminder feature is HIPAA-compliant.

**Reminders feature is only available to Professional and Clinic accounts as a beta feature at this time**

1. The Reminders tab is available when the patient enters the waiting room

  1. Click on the 3 dots next to a user’s name
  2. Click “More”
  3. Select “Reminders”

The Reminders feature is also available in the sidebar when on a call

2. Next, select either “To do something” or “For next appointment”

3. When “To do something” is selected enter a response with 50 characters or less. Next, select the date and time to schedule the message and proceed

4. When “Next Appointment” is selected choose the appointment day and time and then follow the steps

5. Select how the message will be sent (via Text Message or Email)

6. Enter the mobile phone number or email address

7. Select the Reminder date and time

8. Confirm the text message or email date and time

9. A note will appear when successfully scheduled!

**Appointment reminders will be sent immediately if there is less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. In all other cases, appointment reminders will be delivered 24 hours before the actual appointment time. **

Requirements to use Reminders Feature:

  • Data and messaging rates may apply
  • Consent to the frequency at which these messages will be sent, or prior confirmation if on an automated schedule
  • Patient’s consent to receive SMS messages, including awareness of opt-out instructions
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