The Doxybot Check-In is a new feature available on paid accounts. Doxybot combines the traditional check-in and the pre-call test into one process. The check-in guides the user through a more detailed process that gathers information to better prepare them for a successful call.

Once the patient clicks on waiting room link Doxybot:

  1. Appears automatically in a full-screen window
  2. Starts from the welcome message
  3. Asks the patient’s name
  4. Instructs how to allow access to the patient’s webcam and microphone

Patient View

1. Upon arriving at the doctor’s waiting room URL the patient will be asked to enter their name to begin the check-in process

2. The Doxybot will walk the patient through permissions to allow the camera and microphone, and once permission is granted, they will be placed in the waiting room

How providers enable Doxybot

1. Log in, then click Account Settings > Room Settings

2. Click “Check-In using Doxybot” (green is on)

Note on current version:

For this current version, the provider won’t be able to use the Doxybot Check-in if the Room Passcode Feature is also enabled, Doxybot does not support entering the room with a passcode enabled at this time. The same will happen if Doxybot is already enabled, Provider will not be able to turn the Room Passcode on and use Doxybot Check-In at the same time.

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