You may run into a situation where the email you login with isn't recognized. 

There are many reasons this can happen, these are the most common:

The email you entered has a typo. Triple check the email address you typed into the email login field, it is possible that it has a typo or not correct. Check again one more time, this is the issue most of the time. 

Email not the one you logged in with. You might be trying to login using an email address that is different that the one you signed up with. To confirm you are using the correct email address, check your inbox for an email from We always send a welcome email when you first sign up. If you didn't get that welcome email, then you probably didn't use that email address to sign up. Try another email that you may have used.

The email you signed up with has a typo. We don't verify your email address, so it is possible that you created an account using an email address with a typo. Check your inbox for a welcome email from, then you likely didn't use that email address to sign up. If you are not sure what your email is, email with your name and room URL, and we'll try to find your account.

You need to login to your clinic account. If you are on the Clinic account and try logging into the main login ( Check out the help article Free and Clinic logins are different. If you are a Clinic account user, you need to login at your clinic account URL.

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