How to Upgrade

Upgrading One or Many Individual Free or Professional Accounts to a Clinic is Easy:

  1. Log into the account you want to make the "owner" account, decide how many seats you need than upgrade this account to clinic. REMEMBER: From now on you'll need to use your new domain to login
  2. Invite the users you want to add to your clinic account. It doesn't matter if they already have a professional or free account.
  3. Have the owner of the professional subscription downgrade to the free version to stop them from getting billed once they have established their new Clinic Account.
  4. Have the owner of the professional subscription contact us for a refund of the professional after you've invited or created those users to a Clinic plan.

Merging Isn't Necessary

You can have two accounts with the same email address. In other words, you can have a Clinic Account as well as either a Pro or Free Account. This is possible because clinics have their own unique login domain while free and pro use the login.

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