While this rarely happens, sometimes during a call your screen may flash a green color or turn green completely. This will typically happen due to a default setting in your browser that pushes your computer to perform at a higher level, even if it may not be capable of doing so. 

How to fix it in Chrome 

  1. Open Chrome Settings
  2. Scroll past Advanced  
  3. Turn off Use hardware acceleration  
  4. Restart Chrome

How to fix it in Firefox

  1. Open Settings / Preferences
  2. Scroll to Performance tab 
  3. Uncheck Use recommended performance settings 

How to fix it in Brave

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll past Additional settings 
  3. Under System, turn off Use hardware acceleration when available
  4. Restart Brave

If this continues to happen during your video calls, please contact support.  

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