There are a few common reasons why a patient won't show up in your queue or will tell you that you appear offline: 

  • They may be in the wrong place. Please be sure to send them to your correct waiting room link. 

  • Did you send them the waiting room link to another account? If you upgraded to a Clinic account, you will still have your free account and both will have unique waiting room links. 

  • As a provider, did you check in to your own waiting room? If so, you'll want to be sure you sign in to your Dashboard to start a call. Sign into my Clinic Dashboard

  • Have you logged in to your account on multiple devices? If one device goes to sleep, it will show you as offline even though you are logged in somewhere else.

  • Are you and the patient both online? Even if your WiFi is turned on, you may not be connected to a network. 

  • Do you or your patient have a spotty WiFi connection? If so, that can delay offline and available status updates from appearing accurately. 

  • Do you have a firewall in place? requires a few different services to run, and they may be blocked by your browser settings.  

How to fix this

  • Turn on desktop or mobile notifications to be alerted right away when someone checks in.

  • Refresh the browser page, and wait a few seconds so your patient can check back in.

  • Switch to a different WiFi connection, and close out any large unneeded background applications.

  • Keep your Dashboard tab open before sending a patient your waiting room link or setting aside time for a meeting. This way, whenever a patient checks in, they'll see you online and available right away. 

NOTE: Please check our status page to ensure that all systems are operational. 

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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