While API Integration can be useful in certain cases, they're not necessary to use with Doxy.me since we're hyperlink based (e.g. https://doxy.me/RoomName) This makes it simple to integrate your provider dashboard or patient waiting room into a custom solution such as a web application. 

  • Link a button to open your Dashboard: 
<a href="https://doxy.me/RoomName" ><button>Click me</button></a>
  • Embed your dashboard into a view within your app: 
<iframe src="https://doxy.me/RoomName" height="" width=""></iframe>

Important note: These solutions are not supported by Doxy.me, and future updates to the platform may render them obsolete.  

How to Integrate Doxy.me with your EHR / EMR software

Doxy.me was designed to work with existing EHR's to aid your workflow rather than force you to use something else.

  1. Open your Dashboard and any additional software in separate browser tabs
  2. Start a call with your client(s) in Doxy.me
  3. Click and drag one tab downwards until it becomes an individual window
  4. Align both next to each other like so: 

How to Integrate scheduling functionality to your Doxy.me workflow

We have a couple different recommendations for scheduling solutions however, you can use whatever works for you. Just make sure to include your waiting room link in the invite confirmation. 

If HIPAA compliancy is important, Cogsworth and TimeTap are good options.

We recommend Calendly for free, and simple scheduling. As part of our Professional plan, we can embed any of these solutions into your waiting room to make it easy for clients to schedule a time to meet that works best for them. 

If you have any additional questions or want help, contact our support team

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