Questions you may have regarding your Free, Professional and Clinic Solution 

  • Having trouble signing into your Dashboard?                                                               Be sure to use email you initially signed up with & reset password if necessary 
  • Getting billed twice for Professional Solution?                                                    Check email inboxes you may have signed up with in the past for invoices &      login with associated email to cancel subscription
  • Need to downgrade from Professional?                                                                From your Dashboard, go to Upgrade > Cancel Subscription
  • Need to add or remove a Clinic provider seat?                                                       Open Clinic Settings > Manage Users > Add Users > enter total number of seats you need whether adding or removing users. 
  • Need to change the text language?                                                                      Open Account settings > Personal Info > update Preferred language
  • Can I meet with patients or providers in a different country?                                Yes! If you're a provider and e-prescribing controlled substances, you'll want to  make sure you're licensed in the state or country your patient(s) reside in. 
  • Are email & text invitations HIPAA compliant?                                                        Yes! You can send email & text invitations to patients through, and In order to maintain compliance, we don't allow edits to the message body so you don't accidentally enter protected information. 
  • How much data does use?                                                                        Here's our estimates for varying video qualities:                                                      

LD = 320x240 @ 15 FPS (frames per second) =  350 kbps = 1.26 GB for an hour call

SD = 640x480 @ 30 FPS (frames per second) =  600 kbps = 2.16 GB for an hour call

HD = 1280x720 @ 30 FPS (frames per second) = 1000 kbps = 2.6 GB for an hour call

We recommend a minimum of 750kb/s download & 750kb/s upload to maintain a stable video connection. HD quality calls require at least 2mb/s up & down. Check your speed here.

If this didn't answer your question, please contact our support team, and we would be happy to help! 

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