officially supports Chrome / Firefox / Safari 11+ use one of these options.   This applies to both provider and patient. Scroll down for common issues & troubleshooting steps pertaining to your browser. 

Quick technical questions

  • Group call video & audio lagging? Quickly sync video in control bar settings & refresh call. Learn more here 
  • Did you allow access to camera & mic in browser?                                                   Browsers will notify you when requesting access, be sure to 'Allow' it
  • Did you allow access to camera & mic in device settings?                                  Make sure Mac & Windows  settings aren't blocking access to browser 
  • Do you & everyone involved have enough bandwidth to support a video session? requires at least 750kbps for a call. Test your network speed here
  • Is your browser outdated?                                                                                     Check: Chrome / Firefox / on older MacOS, upgrade to at least High Sierra
  • Are any browser tabs & or apps already accessing the camera & mic?             Close tabs / right-click app icon and 'quit application'
  • Is there any antivirus software on your computer that limits external connections?   Be sure to whitelist and it's required services 
  • Is your external webcam & mic securely plugged into your computer?              Clear debris from ports / ensure device drivers are updated to latest version
  • Are you using a USB hub to connect your webcam?                                              Too many connections to a hub can bottleneck video throughput. Try plugging  webcam directly into computer. 
  • Is your camera lens blocked?                                                                                  Clear physical obstructions & smudges from camera lens  
  • Does your desktop monitor have an internal webcam?                                        Most do not, check top center of monitor for integrated camera
  • Do camera & mic not work with other apps such as Google Meet & Whereby?     There may be an issue with your computer hardware, contact the manufacturer 


  1. From Dashboard > Click lock icon in search bar 
  2. Click Site Settings > Reset permissions
  3. Refresh Dashboard 
  4. Open Chrome settings in top right corner (3 little dots) 
  5. Search "Site settings"
  6. Make sure camera & mic inputs are correct and no sites are blocked
  7. Be sure JavaScript is Allowed (default) 
  8. Quit & restart Chrome, then login to Dashboard or waiting room (allow access to camera & mic)
  9. Open camera icon in top right corner of Chrome search bar
  10. Make sure 'Camera and microphone allowed' 

Safari MacOS

  1. Check search bar camera icon & make sure it's set to Always allow on
  2. Quit & restart Safari  
  3. Login to your Dashboard or waiting room (re-enable access)
  4. Click Apple logo (top left) > open About This Mac > you must be on 10.11 or higher 
  5. Update MacOS if necessary 

Safari IOS

  1. Open Settings app
  2. Scroll down to Safari tab
  3. Make sure camera & mic access is set to allow on all websites
  4. Quit & restart Safari 
  5. Login to your Dashboard or waiting room (re-enable access)


  1. Open Firefox preferences in top right corner (hamburger icon) 
  2. Open Privacy & Security tab > scroll down to Permissions
  3. Click camera & mic option
  4. Be sure new access requests aren't blocked & no websites are currently blocked
  5. Click Notifications > make sure is allowed 
  6. Quit & restart Firefox, then login to Dashboard or waiting room (allow access to camera & mic) 

If you're still having trouble and need help, contact our support team

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