Sometimes technology empowers our lives. Other times it misbehaves and frustrates us. At, we're doing everything we can to make your experience empowering instead of frustrating. If you're having issues, please try this checklist to identify the problem, and resolve it. works with Chrome / Firefox / Safari 11+ / Samsung Browser / Brave browser works but is not officially supported yet. These steps apply to both provider and client. 

  • Try using a private or guest browsing window instead
  • Use a different browser other than your current one
  • Try an alternate network (e.g., connect to a hotspot if you're using wifi)
  • Ensure browser and network settings aren't restricting particular URL's such as your Dashboard (uncommon) 

If you're using Chrome or Brave browser and not able to turn on your camera, try reverting your settings to default like so: 

  1. Open menu in the top right corner (on Chrome it will be three vertical dots) and navigate to settings

    2. On the main page, scroll down past Advanced / Additional settings tab and click           Reset settings. Restart the browser, and try logging into your                             Dashboard. Make sure to allow camera access when prompted, and you'll be                be good to go. 

Quick technical considerations

  • Group call video & audio lagging?                                                                       Quickly sync video in control bar settings & refresh call. Learn more here
  • Did you allow access to camera & mic in browser?                                                   Browsers will notify you when requesting access, be sure to Allow it. 
  • Did you allow access to camera & mic in device settings?                                  Make sure Mac & Windows  settings aren't blocking access to the browser. 
  • Do the camera & mic not work with other apps such as Google Meet & Whereby? There may be an issue with your computer hardware, contact the manufacturer. 
  • Do you & everyone involved have enough bandwidth to support a video session? requires at least 750kbps for a call. Test your network speed here
  • Is your browser outdated?                                                                                     Check: Chrome / Firefox / on older macOS, upgrade to at least High Sierra
  • Are any browser tabs & or apps already accessing the camera & mic?             Close tabs / right-click app icon and quit application
  • Is there any antivirus software on your computer that limits external connections?   Be sure to whitelist and it's required services.  
  • Is your external webcam & mic securely plugged into your computer?              Clear debris from ports / ensure device drivers are updated to the latest version
  • Are you using a USB hub to connect your webcam?                                              Too many connections to a hub can bottleneck video throughput. Try plugging  webcam directly into the computer. 
  • Is your camera lens blocked?                                                                                  Clear physical obstructions & smudges from the camera lens. 
  • Does your desktop monitor have an internal webcam?                                        Most do not. Check top center of the monitor for an integrated camera. 

If you're still having trouble and need help, please contact our support team

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