A shared waiting room acts as a central location for patients and clients to check-in to, and wait for an available provider. As account admin, you can select which users on your account can access this room and make it seamless for them to start a call with who they need to. 

Here are some benefits to using a shared waiting room: 

  • Acts like a virtual walk-in waiting room 
  • Providers can share a single waiting room
  • Providers can start a call and then pass it to another provider
  • Anyone with access can receive notifications when a patient checks in 
  • Patients can access multiple providers with one link 

To create a shared room: 

  1. Go to Account Settings from your dashboard 
  2. Then open Clinic Settings tab
  3. Expand the Shared Rooms section  
  4. Click on Create New Shared Room

       5. Give your shared room a name 

         6. Select Manage and choose which providers can access your shared room

         7. Select your shared room URL then you can edit the link and check-in                               display name

          8. You can also edit your shared waiting room with text, images, videos, and                       links just like you can with your individual waiting room

Note: Shared waiting rooms are only available on the Clinic Solution

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support team

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