allows you to easily change the resolution of your video while you are on a call. SD and HD video are available to Professional or Clinic users. 

  • Low Definition (LD) video requires less bandwidth and computer power. This increases the likelihood of having a stable video call
  • Standard Definition (SD) provides a clearer picture but requires more bandwidth and computer power. 640x480 at 30 frames per second. 
  • High Definition (HD) provides the clearest picture but requires the most bandwidth and computer power. 1280x720

See the difference between Low Definition and High Definition (click to enlarge):

To change the video resolution during a call:

  1. Click the Call Settings gear in the controls at the bottom of the screen

    2. In the modal, choose the video quality you want. 

You can set your default video resolution in Account Settings. Note that it is not possible to set HD as default video quality because some patients don't have enough bandwidth to support it, causing worse quality. So calls must begin on SD, and if the quality seems good enough, then you can try HD during the call.  Patients are not able to select or see video quality option in their call settings.

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