The Waiting Room is a very useful and valuable feature of meetings.

The way it works, is when you send a patient to your unique room url (e.g. they are greeted with a Check In and then placed in your Waiting Room.

Here they are able to see any text, images, or media you have placed in your Waiting Room until you start a meeting with them. They will not be able to see other patients, or start a meeting with you. Only you can start a meeting. The patient can send you a chat message which you can reply to while you are in a meeting with another patient. This is useful if a meeting is going a little late. (There is a little chat icon next to their name and picture in your waiting room list after they check in. Click that to open a chat with them).

Learn to edit your waiting room here

Patient View of the Waiting Room:

Clinician View of the Waiting Room:

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