1. Sometimes the audio and video will be choppy for the first minute or two as the connection is being established. This is normal. Usually after a minute or two the video connection will clear up.
  2. Also make sure you or your participant don’t have concurrent internet connections taking up large amounts of bandwidth (like downloading large files, music, movies, several web pages open at the same time, etc).
  3. If you are on a slow internet connection, the video quality is limited by how fast your internet service is able to upload and download the video feed.
  4. If you have an older computer or if you have several programs open and running, sometimes the video card will have a hard time keeping up with the video rendering. It may help if you close unused desktop applications to free up computer power for the video call.
  5. Sometimes wireless networks can get really busy with internet traffic if you have a lot of people using the same router, we’ve found that connecting directly to your network with a ethernet cable can improve connections.

Use Call Optimization if you are experiencing choppiness.

If you are still having trouble, please run the tests on our Diagnostic page.

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