We designed Doxy.me to super easy to use, so it will work with minimal system requirements. In fact, we are the easiest! Check out this study Clemson University did here!

To have a successful call, users must have:

  • Mac/PC/Chromebook with camera, microphone, and speakers
  • Internet connection with at least 750kb/s download and upload speeds
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (latest release versions)
  • Javascript must be enabled (this is enabled by default, and we'll give you a message in Doxy.me that you need to enable it)
  • Make sure TCP ports 80 and 443 are open (sometimes firewalls will block these ports, ask your IT team if you can't connect with someone if this is causing it)
  • And a nice smile :)

For iOS and Android:

  • Use Safari on your iOS device or use Google Chrome on your Android device
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