On occasion users at a large clinic or hospital face difficulties using Doxy.me because of security provisions health IT staff put into place.

Computers don't have audio/video peripherals- Often clinics and hospitals provide computers primarily to access electronic health records (EHR). Telemedicine is still fairly new so often clinic computers lack webcams, speakers, microphones, and even sound cards that are necessary to telecommunication.

Only Internet Explorer is installed on the computer- Many EHRs are built specifically for Internet Explorer. As a result, IT staff will only install Internet Explorer and often not allow other applications such as browsers to be installed.

Firewall is blocking access to Doxy.me or preventing it from working correctly- For security reasons, IT staff will often block access to websites and network ports that are not typically used in health care.


Based on our experience working with clinics and hospitals, we recommend using a laptop or Chromebook for Doxy.me calls. There are several advantages to this approach. For example, you can have a dedicated laptop that is shared among providers and can move the laptop between rooms wherever needed. Also, you can position the Doxy.me laptop next to the clinic computers with the EHR; this allows the provider to meet with the patient via Doxy.me using the laptop and chart in the EHR on the clinic computers.

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